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This page is dedicated to a few of my dancers who I have worked with over the years. When I have an idea for a show number, these amazingly talented guys take that idea and choreograph it for me. We work together to produce the final routine, It's been my pleasure working with such creative and hard working dancers, who I call my dear friends.
I have known Andrew the longest as we met at The Birdcage and to this day he as always been there for me when I need advice or when I start up a new venture, like when I started at The Viaduct Showbar and Andrew choreographed my first show. He is an amazing Dancer, Singer, Actor with Television & Theatre credits to his name. He currently works all over the world on different projects and I couldn't be more proud than to call him my original boy or should I say man now. 

Andy McGuire

Danny took over from Andrew at the Viaduct and became my choreographer, we worked on my second show together and it was such a pleasure working with such a committed and creative dancer. He was a great support for me and it was funny introducing him to the world of feathers & drag. Since then Danny has moved on to bigger and better things working for Disney in Paris and in 2015 he moved to Japan, still working for Disney. I think he ended up being in a camper job than me.

Danny Kirby

Kris choreographed my show in 2014 at Monroes Showbar in York.  He was teaching at SLP college and is one of the most talented dancers & actors I have ever worked with, such a passionate and dedicated professional with a big heart. Kris recently started his very own businesses including a dance clothing brand called 'Kulture Projects'  and a wedding event company. Whilst he is now a busy business man, he is still entertaining thousands of holiday makers on a P&O cruise ship in the gold coasts of Australia. Come full circle and in 2021 I asked Kris to choreograph and feature in my first winter tour called 'Leading Ladies'

Kris Wright

Known to me and everyone as East, I presume because nobody can pronounce his Turkish name, East is my current choreographer and silk dancer. A profesioanlly trained dancer who I have known for many years, who was working in Greece until last year when I asked him to move back to Turkey and be in my show, he gracefully accepted and we have had so much fun being creative together. I look forward to making many good memories and shows together as very good friends. 

Dogu Kaan Ayyildiz


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